As a part of its ongoing efforts, Twitter announced that it has acquired Fabula AI, a U.K.-based artificial-intelligence startup, to uplift the “health” of the social media platform.

The terms of the acquisition deal haven’t been disclosed yet. The main focus for Fabula AI as a part of the social media platform “will be to improve the health of the conversation, with expanding applications to stop spam and abuse and other strategic priorities in the future,” said Parag Agrawal, the chief technology officer of Twitter, who made the announcement of the acquisition in a post on Monday, 3rd May.

Fabula AI has developed an analysis mechanism to process complex and large data sets and detect network manipulation. The analysis mechanism can also identify patterns that no other machine-learning techniques can detect so far, said Agrawal. The U.K. based startup has also come up with a “truth-risk scoring platform” to segregate and identify misinformation from valuable content, by utilizing data from websites such as PolitiFact and Snopes.

Additionally, Twitter is planning to utilize Fabula’s technology to enhance its product line, such as its recommendations, explore tab and timeline. Twitter is also looking to reboot the sign up procedure that users use on the platform so far. Bogus and spam accounts are a cause of big problem to the social media platform. According to the firm’s estimates, the very first quarter of 2019 saw around 5% fake and spam accounts out of its active user base.

The AI startup’s team will be joining Twitter’s Cortex machine-learning department. Twitter has a research group which is led by their head of machine learning/AI engineering, Sandeep Pandey. The research group will be focusing on areas such as graph deep learning, natural-language processing, recommendation systems, machine-learning ethics, and reinforcement learning.

Twitter has acquired few other AI startups in the past, such as Madbits, image-search specialist in 2014, Whetlab, machine-learning configuration developer in 2015 and Magic Pony, visual-processing startup in 2016.

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