Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant is said to be launching another smartphone named ‘KlaytnPhone’ which will be Blockchain friendly. This will be a variant of its flagship Galaxy Note 10.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, the smartphone will come equipped with crypto wallets and blockchain apps pre-installed. It is expected to go on sale in South Korea only starting today. This Wall Street Journal article cited “people familiar with the matter”.

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KlaytnPhone is named after Klaytn, the subsidiary of Kakao’s Blockchain called GroundX’s blockchain platform. As per the report, this phone will have the Klaytn logo when it is turned on or off.

It is expected that the smartphone will be sold at around $1000. It was also reported that the buyers receive a certain amount of its native token of Klaytn, called “Klay” tokens.

Samsung plans to expand these features in its budget galaxy phones as well. It will be an attempt to draw more and more people to the blockchain technology. Earlier this year, it launched its S10 smartphone that offered its users a cryptocurrency wallet and the dApps (Decentralized Apps)