The recent collaboration with Samsung resulted in a price hike and now crossing the 4 million users milestone for TRON.

Recently, Justin Sun, the founder and current CEO of TRON had partnered with Samsung. After the official announcement, the price reacted significantly in a positive direction and the community expanded simultaneously as well.

He has announced that “The total number of accounts generated on blockchain network Tron has passed 4 million”. 

Has TRON really achieved 4 million active users?

A recent tweet by TRONSCAN announced that TRON networks total account tally was now 4.105 million, and this figure is broadcasted by CEO Justin himself.

Source: Tron

The figure does not distinguish whether an account is in use or not and at the end of the case whether the inactivity is likely permanent or not cannot be said.

As of November 1, there were more than 4,63,000 daily active Bitcoin addresses. For Bitcoin (BTC) different resources measuring current accounts generates varying results. 

In Tron’s case, it is suspected that the number of daily active users is smaller than the total created since the network’s inception. But Tron has witnessed millions of Tethers traded to its blockchain coming from Ethereum as well in recent weeks.

Samsung Partnership helped Boost Price?

Justin has made efforts to expand the profile of Tron and TRX its native token. According to some reports, efforts like these earned him unwanted attention this year after a run-in with Chinese authorities. 

However, At the end of this month, Samsung, the South Korean giant adds support to its decentralized app store. Previously Justin hinted about this move describing it as a deal with a “$100 billion megacorporation.” 

Currently, Tron(TRX) is the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, trading for just under 2 cents per token. But the deal with Samsung boosted pairing of TRX x USD by 30% and above. 

Previously rumors claimed that Sun was in a row to procure cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, but he has consequently denied such reports.