Prediction market platform Bispex has announced that its Bispex Token (BPX) is going to be listed on global exchange IDAX very soon. IDAX will be the first platform to list Bispex Token. It will begin deposit on November 11 and trading will be opened on November 12. Once it will be opened, users will be able to trade BPX in two trading pairs i.e. BPX/USDT AND BPX/ETH. The withdrawal of token on the said exchange platform will start from November 13 onwards. 

Along with IDAX, other platforms that are also expected to open the trading of Bispex Token(BPX) on the same day are BW, DigiFinex, LBank, TopBtc, CoinAll. DragonEX, Coineal, with two more expected to confirm shortly. This in result will allow BPX to be listed on approximately 10 exchanges on the same day- an incredible response that any crypto company would get at any given time. 

BPX is an ERC-20 token that is designed to be the chief asset in the Bispex platform. According to the team of Bispex, BPX will be compatible with a plethora of top-notch crypto wallets so users will face no problem holding BPX token. They can store BPX tokens on any crypto wallets they want without facing any hassle.

Bispex is based on Hong Kong and aims to become a one-stop destination in the prediction arena for accurate cryptocurrency price prediction. The company utilizes Blockchain technology in its platform to offer secure, credible and on-the-dot prediction results, as well as offer fast payouts to those who will make accurate forecasts. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and volatile in nature, it is tough for anyone to determine their accurate price.

The platform explains this is the main reason why they are focusing on the prediction of cryptocurrency prices. Other topics like weather, politics, and others can have arbitrary or disputable results which could delay the handing out of payments and thus affect the reputation of the platform. 

Users can make predictions on this platform only using BPX. This is mainly to make trades and payouts more liquid. Moreover, they are also focusing on creating an exchange service in the future to serve their users in a far better way.

Bispex is led by CEO Ashish Babar, along with CMO Patrick Chun, CSO Desiree Yoo, and CTO Mike Kwon. Users are encouraged to follow their social media accounts to get the latest updates about their exchange listings and latest developments.