Just two weeks after the launch of EOSIO v.1.8, the EOS community announced the launch of EOSIO V.2.0. Block.one’s CFO. Dan Larimer, made the announcement of this launch via his Twitter account.

The tweet read, “Eosio 2 rc1 is officially available for community to download and utilize on testnets and even non critical eos nodes. Assuming no major issues this will be the final 2.0 version and it’s super fast!”

The news for this launch was also shared by the company’s media team which said, “EOSIO 2 was built with developers in mind. Our focus: make it faster, simpler, and more secure to build on EOSIO.”

The team believes that the speed of executing a smart contract acts as the biggest hindrance to the development of blockchain. Hence, they have decided to have “our purpose-built blockchain WASM engine, runs the EOS Mechanics WASM CPU benchmarks up to 16x faster than Binaryen, which was released with EOSIO 1.0.”

To improve the security as well as the blockchain, the team at Block.one team “weighted threshold multi-signature block support provides a permission layer that allows for multiple block signing keys in a flexible scheme that will enable redundant block signing infrastructure to exist without sharing any sensitive data.”

This release of the second version of EOSIO comes as a wonderful surprise two weeks after its last version’s release. The market is experiencing a return of bullish action and the release couldn’t have come at a better time. Currently, EOS is trading at $3.0 after its recovery from $2.4. However, the $4.0 mark is yet to be achieved.