Famous crypto exchange BitMEX is aiming to venture into the derivatives products area. On April 12, Arthur Hayes, prime supporter and Chief Executive Officer of BitMEX, talked on different subjects about his enterprising adventure and how BitMEX plans to remain significant in the dynamic crypto space.

Hayes gave gleaming comments on Bitcoin and its job on the trade’s prosperity in the course of recent years. He called attention to that BitMEX just takes Bitcoin as security, which enables the trade to process exchanges without outsider or human intercessions and as subsequently, can undoubtedly locally available clients inside minutes.

Hayes uncovered that the organization is in the starter phase of building a digital currency alternatives exchange platform. At the point, Haynes said that BitMEX will “probably have our own options platform in 12 to 18 months.”

Trading choices are monetary derivatives that offer financial specialists the chance to fence their situations on a particular resource. All the more, a dealer can utilize a choice to buy or sell an expressed measure of an advantage at a particular cost later on.

Bitcoin-Empowered Stock Investments

Hayes also reported that BitMEX is putting resources into another startup that enables individuals to put resources into well known Nasdaq and S&P 500 stocks utilizing their Bitcoin property, while additionally taking out any Bitcoin-USD risk. Talking about the startup’s usual way of doing things, Hayes stated:

“You’ll send Bitcoin. They’ll FX it into Dollars, and allow you to buy a swap. When you want to leave, you’ll sell the swap, get Dollars back, and then you can get your Bitcoin.”

Hayes also noted that a Bitcoin-backed commodity would bridge the gap between the upcoming fintech markets and the “most liquid and notable indices in the world.”

Founded in Hong Kong 2014, BitMEX has grown to become especially popular among Asian investors and traders. As of this writing, the exchange is ranked 3rd among exchanges in the world by reported volume, with $1.065 billion traded over the past 24 hours.

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