Bithumb is planning to partner with Indian local cryptocurrency exchanges, companies, startups, and governments to introduce its own blockchain technology.

South Korea based Bithumb is looking forward to entering the Indian market. The exchange platform is currently used in 11 countries around the world. It is planning to step into the Indian digital currency market. It is one of the five largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. 

Vincent Poon, Vice President of Bithumb Global announced at the Bithumb Family Conference in Seoul, South Korea that Bithumb is planning to introduce its blockchain technology, commonly known as Bithumb chain into the Indian market. 

The company has taken its first step to enter the Indian market by inviting Indian companies, startups, and even the government to work on virtual technology. The various industries will be able to work with Bithumb according to their needs.

Poon is impressed with the developer talent of Blockchain technology present in the country.

Bithumb is planning to design a blockchain technology specially created to suit the Indian market. The company hasn’t announced the technical aspects so that the developers can integrate their projects. It also helps them eliminate the need to “reinvent the wheel”. 

Javier Sim, Co-founder and Managing Director of Bithumb declared that the company is looking forward to getting into partnership with local cryptocurrency exchanges. Though he declared that Bithumb is not planning to start its own projects in India yet, but will do the same according to the laws of India, as set in the future. He said: “We are a strong brand from Korea and do not involve ourselves in unregulated or illegal trade”. Though the company is not planning to launch any of its products in India for the time being, the announcement made by Bithumb inviting partners resembles significant progress related to the virtual form of the currency in India.