Coinome is an exchange from Hatio Innovations Pvt. Ltd; a subsidiary of BillDesk. BillDesk is India’s largest payment solutions platform handling over $50 billion consumer digital payments annually.

Coinome is trying to mainstream crypto-currencies. The exchange supports instant deposits and withdrawals using payment gateways; transactions can be made on weekends and holidays as well. The exchange offers instant e-KYC so that customers can quickly hop on-board. The users can immediately start trading on the platform after registration.

Coinome is an open order book crypto-exchange and thus, provides transparency and good prices for buyers and sellers. BillDesk is a digital commerce titan in India with over 17 years of reliable service under its belt. The platform is known for secure online payments and its role in launching Coinome will drive traders and investors to the crypto-exchange.

Co-founder and director of BillDesk, Srinivas MN, says –

We are making the long-term bet that digital currencies are going to be powering transactions in the future and change the way consumers and organizations interact and transact with one another.”

In the field of blockchain-applications, start-ups are producing community-friendly apps where the technology can be put to use to optimize public and city collaborations.

A start-up called Zebi Data India Private limited provides blockchain solutions. The start-up enabled online clearances for over 40,000 Ganesh Pandals in Vizak. The company had integrated land records and guest-details of about 200 hotels for the Police department.

This year, the permission for the Pandals was provided through online registration; the organizers did not have to wait for individual clearances from various departments like the electricity dept., the fire dept. and other municipal corporations. The organizing committees need permission from the police department to use loudspeakers, public conveyance, etc for events.

The app can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Reportedly, the online registration for Pandals was completed within minutes through mobile OTP validations. The registrations then led to a unique QR code which could be used by the police for geo-location and idol sizes.

The Police Dept. was able to track the events in real-time and keep a tab on the organizational processes.